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by anonymous

I have a AppleTV A1842 (first gen 4K) connected by WiFi to my RUTX11 unit.

It has worked flawlessly for a year or so but after the RUTX firmware update in december it started to reboot once the Apple-TV was streaming data.

I have come so far that if I change WiFi security settings from CCMP-AES to TKIP the problem disapears!

I have tested this with a factory reset unit and with my personal config onboard. Same problem.

Latest FW update did not solve this problem.

Anyone else have this issue?
by anonymous

Interesting observation the CCMP-AES vs TKIP difference. I have a similar issue memory usage increases when using Wifi albeit some progress has been made in the latest version.

Could you execute the command below on the RUTX from a ssh console and show the result ?

find /proc -name 'panic*' -print|while read f;do echo $f;cat $f;done

Is it possible for you to send the syslogs to a remote device so in case of crash a backtrace will be available ? If so set the parameters via System->Administration->Troubleshoot->Logging Settings.


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by anonymous


The RUTX-unit is installed in my Motorhome and that is stored away during the week.

The AppleTV is currently not powered up and the WiFi is set to TKIP right now because that is what works.

I was still able to do a quick SSH from my mobile phone outside the garage and the result is below.

Once I have full access again I can switch to AES and re-do the SSH command when the AppleTV is running.

Sorry, no external logging is set up.


by anonymous
An easier way to capture the logs is to set System->Administration->Troubleshoot->Logging settings->Saves logs in to Flash memory.
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by anonymous


Would it be possible to setup a local FTP to capture the logs from the RUT as that would give a detailed picture about the interaction going on with the Apple TV post which please share the troubleshoot file to me. Please see following link for the FTP setup: