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I have new RUTX12 and when I was setting it up in RMS I incorrectly copied Wireless MAC address instead of LAN MAC. I can see my RUTX12 in RMS, but it is not connected (I quess because of wrong MAC). How can I insert the correct MAC in RMS or how can I remove RUTX12 from RMS? I know that there is Unregister Device(s) in Management-Device menu, but it is grey and can't be clicked.

Thanks for your help!

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It is not possible to change the serial number or MAC address in the RMS settings. In this case, you need to unregister RUTX12 and re-add it with the correct information.

You must mark the device first and then you can unregister it.

If it still fails, send me the serial number in a private message and I'll help you.
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