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by anonymous
Dear All!

I have four Teltonika TRB140, named as A B C D device. I connect plc to every device by lan, and i configured a vpn server on device "D". I need to connect from A B C device to D device on VPN, for configuring plc-s.

The software "TIAportal" is installed on PC which is connected to device D.

I want to configuring all plc device from the PC which is connected to device D over gsm 4g and vpn connection.

So, the installed TIAPortal see all PLC from the PC.

Picture is attached to this message.

Thanks for your help and advice!

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Dear All!

I configured two device with openvpn TAP mode. The two device is on the same network. The client is connecting to server, and in ipscanner software i see all device, but they can't communicating.

Idea, anabody?
by anonymous


When devices are in TAP mode, they should reach each other without any additional configuration.

Can you check if the devices have different LAN IP addresses, let’s say the server, router D, LAN IP is and client, router A, LAN IP is, if the clients have the same IP as the server it won’t work.

If it is set up like that, could you then attach troubleshoot files from both devices A and D, you can do that via WebUI System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot and then press download in the troubleshoot tab. You can find the detailed instructions in our wiki.

Also, could you update your topology with WAN and LAN IP addresses and network masks.



by anonymous

Hello Paulius!

Thanks for your reply!

The problem was resolved over the weekend. The problem is pretty funny. I made a backup from one device that I uploaded to another device (to make my job easier). However, the backup also transferred the LAN MAC address. : \ This is where the problem started !! I had a dual MAC address on the network, which prevented clients from communicating with each other. I found the following error message in the system log: (received packet on tap0 with own address as source address). I say What the hell ?? I'm looking at the ip scanner and woala I have two identical MAC addresses on the network. I fixed the bug and all the clients on the network see each other. Of course, I entered the LAN ip addresses as follows: Device A -, Device B - .... etc. Device D is the server, all devices are connected to it, DHCP allocates ip addresses from I turned off the DHCP server on the other devices. Thanks for your reply and help !!