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We have a device that used a Sierra Wireless FXT009 Edge to connect to the internet. I don't have any details on how the device uses this modem to communicate, besides the fact that it uses RS232 to connect to the FXT009 modem. I have attempted to set up the TRB142 to act as a drop-in replacement for it, but so far not gotten any way. I have set the RS232 serial type to "Console" (I only have "Console", "Over IP" and "Modbus gateway" in the drop down list after upgrading the firmware, previously I also had "Modem" here - I'm not sure if that's relevant, though) and I have attempted different baud rates and flow control, but have yet to get this to flow. When reading the manual for the FXT009, I see that this supports autobauding - does the TRB142 support this? Is there a way I can debug the serial interface?

Great thanks in advance!

When turning the device on and off I see some activity on the "Rx" LED right next to the SIM card, but nothing on the "Tx". So there seems to be a physical connection there, but it could of course be issues with baud rate and so on.

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From my understanding, you want to make TRB140 provide network connectivity to the device you are connecting. So in this case Modem mode will do but you need to know the serial parameters (Baud rate, parity bit, stop bit, flow control, etc.). We do have another device that can fit your solution directly, it's a modem like a sierra wireless device you are trying to replace. 

You can refer to this link for the device info: TRM240 - Industrial 4G LTE Cat 1 modem | Teltonika Networks (teltonika-networks.com)