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Is there any way with the RUTX12 that simultaneous connections as client can be made to different wifi AP's? They can be on different bands.

If this is not possible is there any way of adding an external wifi module (usb or internal preferably) that can managed by the RUTX12?

For example, 5 GHz can connect to building wifi as wireless WAN connection to provide internet connection to RUTX12 and its clients, and 2.4 GHz can connect to equipment that provides wifi AP as connection method (no internet on this connection, equipment very limited and has wifi AP and TCP connection).

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If you upgrade RUTX12 to the latest firmware version, you will notice that MULTI AP is supported here. It is possible to scan and create separate interface for 2.4GHz and 5GHz frequencies. 

Just use different Network names to separate them.

It will then automatically create two different WAN interfaces that you can set up via Firewall or Failover as you need:

With the help of VLAN or Traffic Rules you can distinguish how these WAN interfaces will be used and restricted.

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