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Good morning,

We discover a problem, when we disconnect de Ethernel LAN port for 30-60 seconds, or our device reboots

When we reconnect the device the Teltonika does'nt provide an IP address.

The device only gets an IP when the lease time is expired.

Our anaysis is the following:

We think that the RUT stop responding to any DHCP request because its assignment table is full

our limit is set to '1'.

It can be seen in Wireshark trace

Request are sent from our device : to but the RUT never respond with an ACK containing the IP,Lease,rebind, ...

It should look at the MAC of the request and since it is the same device which was previously connected

it should provide the same IP adress right away. But it waits for the lease time to expire!!!

This problem existed for a while, we are now running RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.3

No upgrade fixed it!

1 Answer

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Hi, you did not specify which device, but according to the firmware version, I assume that it is RUT240. 

The change log shows that this problem was fixed in the firmware from 2018. If the firmware update did not fix this problem, then most likely you were updated with the settings saved. 

I recommend updating to the current version according to the instructions

Best regards.