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I don't believe that event reporting is working properly in sending emails to a gmail account (periodic reboot and ping reboot).  If I try to send test emails they fail, a red failed banner drops down and no email is received.

I do, however, receive emails with the subject line "status change"  I've attached a screen shot of one of these emails to this question.  The emails report "online to offline" and "offline to online".  Effectively, a periodic reboot, as scheduled.

Are these status change emails a separate notification from the event reporting emails?  If they are, they may indicate what settings errors I have made in event reporting email setup.


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Sorry, is not really clear for us how can we help you with this issue, Are you trying to disable 2FA on the RMS Teltonika? or simply you want to use the SMTP service in the teltonika device or some other service?