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by anonymous
We formed a local hotspot with MAC Auth.
We have set a limit for HOTSPOT users: Download bandwidth value = 1 (integer; default: none. Bandwidth can be specified in Mbit / s.)
But the speed measured via TestMySpeed was 8Mbit / s

If we set the value to 2
Download bandwidth value = 2
But the speed measured via TestMySpeed was about 14.5 Mbit / s

I think the value is expressed in MB/s instead of Mbit /s.
We need a limit of 1Mbit / s, but we can't enter that because when we enter a value of 1 we get a speed of 8Mbit / s

1 Answer

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by anonymous


first of all, I do not recommend using MAC authorization, since most modern mobile devices use a random MAC address.

At the same time, I configured Hotspot on my RUT955, enabled MAC authorization and password. Added a group of users with a speed limit of 1mbit/s and enabled users to fall into this group by default. I measured the speed and speedtest outputs clearly 1 mbit/s.

Information about the settings can be found in our knowledge base.

Best regards.

Best answer
by anonymous
Thank you . A password must be set. Without a password it doesn't work properly. Everything works properly with the password.