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by anonymous
Dear community,

I'm cracking my head how to configure my  RUTX11  in order to use  2.4 GHz WiFi  as  AP  and as  client at the same time. Maybe am  I  using a wrong sequence during configuration?

What I did after delivery reception, and results:

1.) inserted and configured  SIM1. Works and provides internet to connected devices.

2.)  renamed both  pre-configured APs to the same (individual)  SSID. Both working and providing  internet  to connected devices.

3.)  configured  "wwlan" client to connect to my home WiFi (successfully found by search button). Must use  2.4 GHz band for this purpose due to insufficient signal strength of  5 GHz (distance to home router,  through several walls, too long ...). After this configuration,   I moved this client connection upward in the list in order to use remote  WiFi  as long as it is in range, and fall back to  SIM  if "getting out of range"

Final result: client connection is working and providing my home router's internet to  RUTX11  and its clients. Fallback to  SIM  (if connection to remote router drops ...) also works as intended. Both  RUTX11  APs  are reported "active" in the  Web config interface,  but only  5 GHz  remains "visible" (and accessible) to connecting devices.

However,  some of my devices requiring connection to  RUTX11  only support  2.4 GHz WiFi; therefore  I need  both  RUTX11  APs  to be active even while  RUTX11  is connecting as client to another router via  2.4 GHz.

In addition, while travelling we will need to configure additional clients to connect to external  WiFi's, and this of course should not stop functionality of any  RUTX11 AP, no matter whether they may have been configured before or after any additional client configurations.

Many thanks for your kind  advice how to get this complex szenario working.

Best regards and enjoy a pleasant weekend


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by anonymous


There must be a misconfiguration as it should be possible to simultaneously use the 2.4 GHz as both client and Access point.

Kindly refer the below video and reconfigure the router.

Also you would be able to add 2.4 GHz AP as shown below.