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hi i have created 2 new vlans and assigned each a port as untagged. i have created a new interface and set its ip and have set physical setting to the eth0.vlanid interface. i am also setting dhcp option 6 for dns on both vlans.  i can get to the local rutx12 management if i set my ip manually to within the new subnet. however i cannot get dhcp out of any of the new vlans.

we are looking to use these as rapid site set up devices and need to be able to run multiple vlans from them.  thanks

i can get the vlan to work as long as i do not turn on the option 6 in advanced settings. however when i turn on option 6 it stops all vlans from issuing dhcp.  we need to only use set dns servers so i need option 6 to work. please advise of any solution

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Hello. It could be very helpful if you could attach a driagram/flowchart of the network topology that you need to achieve.

And also it would be really useful, if you could attach a troubleshoot file and a backup file of the current configuration you have, Just make sure to download the Troubleshoot file no more that 5 minutes after making a new couple of connection tests with the current configuration.

Such information will give us better understanding of the overall picture.