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Hello all,

I'm trying to configure RUT230 to activate or disactivate an output of another RUT230 by connecting the Ethernet cable between them , and it should be  without sending SMS because i don't wanna use the SIM card . Is that possible?

If YES , I need to know how to configure the Modbus master & slave of  each rut230 .


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It is actually possible to switch RUT230 Pin4 state ON/OFF via Modbus:

 To do this, you need to:

  •  enable RUT230_1 Modbus Slave with "Allow Remote Access":

  • double check Firewall> Traffic rules. Is the required port 502 has been opened automatically:
  • then move on to the RUT230_2 and set up Modbus TCP Master as follow (IP address is the Ip address of RUT230_1 Modbus Slave):
RUT230_1 Pin4 state should change when you send 326 register value 1 or 0. You can check Pin4 status via Web Ui Services > Input/Output page:
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