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Its about the RUT240.

I want to reach a device on my internal private network via VNC (not VPN !!) from the WAN. WAN is mobile internet, private network is WiFi or LAN (both connectors).

Tried to enter a static route, but ...

My private network consists only of one device and sometimes a laptop.- If the laptop is within the WiFi range it is used to control the device only the private network is used, if the laptop is far away, the WAN is used instead.

Can give my anybody a hint how the static route entry should look?

Thanks a lot.

With best regards


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To better understand your use case, could you post a topology scheme? Mark IP addresses (you can mark fake ones) Just for the general understanding of how it looks.

Sorry, no chance for scanning here ...

Remote location (measurement system out in the fields):

Measurement device:

RUT240: LAN:

Sometimes a laptop is connected (maintenance) LAN: 192.168.10.xxx

Laptop may access the internet using the RUT240 and the mobile interface.

Mobile internet connection (3G or LTE depends on the situation there)

RUT240 acts as the OpenVPN server, creating a network on the client site if somebody connects.

Base Camp:

Laptop with connection to the internet. Uses dyndns to connect to the RUT240 and OpenVPN (Windows) client to establish an OpenVPN connection. Now there is a virtual network port with 192.168.10.xxx and the laptop should be able to access the remote measurement device.

Hope that helps.

With best regards