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by anonymous
On side of the trb142 is a connector which look like an edge connector. I'm looking for the correct connector to use it. Can you tell me the name of the connector?

it is between the screw holes on the same side like the sim-card-holder

1 Answer

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by anonymous


New TRB PCB has printed pinout's descriptions:

by anonymous
Connector is: Standard Card Edge Connector, pitch 1,27 mm

We use (we are modifying by itself for make it usable): TE CONNECTIVITY  5145154-8
by anonymous
Thank you

I will build my own solution
by anonymous
How many power can be used? Is 1W a Problem?
by anonymous

Not sure what you mean, but basically is needed "USB to UART converter", something like this:

by anonymous
I have a ttl connection on the other side, because of that I can use it directly  

Is it possible to use the 3V pin as a power out? The other board needs 3V power in an uses 0.8mW.
by anonymous
I'm not sure what you plan to do, but TRB use "3V3" standard.
by anonymous
I want to use the trb142 to power the ardusimple simplertk2b. It has a 3.3V input.

How many mW can be used over the edge connector?
by anonymous
How many Amperes supports the 3V3 edge card connector?
by anonymous
Not sure, but according details your RTK2B has 3,3 output: