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by anonymous
A third party , a remote monitoring station needs to access my hikvision camera which runs on ports 80 , 8000 . In the past I've used port forwarding. I have used fixed ip sim cards.

Using rms is it possible to simply to create a link , which I can give to this third party ?

The link would ideally not require any passwords or username for the third party , but being put in an Internet browser would allow the central monitoring station to view the camera on port 8000.

I see that you can create links , but it looks that once created and given to another person , the other person would need subsequently enter a username and password for the link to connect him to the camera.

Can links be created in rms , which when given to someone else, would allow them to directly connect to the camera?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Hi, yes, with the help of RMS you can provide link access to your IP camera.

You can learn more about this in our knowledge base -

Best regards.