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by anonymous
Hi,i try to make firmware to this outer and after that it dont acces ui.I make all steps from this forum and now it dont recognize ethernet port and not accept firmware from webui.I think that is missing some files.Can you help me with full firmware for fastboot procedure?

Thank you.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Fastboot instructions to restore your TRB140 can be found here.  

Before downloading files, check your TRB140 casing to determine if it's TRB1400 or TRB 1401 version

by anonymous
i do it without results,now i cant reach trough web browser....i see also that are some mistakes on comands.please provide corect one if it exist.thank you
by anonymous
Incorrect instructions were written in November 5th 2020, updated instructions written in April 28th 2021 are correct.

Keep in mind that upgrade must be done via microUSB port and after uploading all files you must power-cycle your device.
by anonymous

i do it over usb,i dont understand "flash boot in rootfs_a, rootfs_b, boot_a, and boot_b",it not recognize firmware for web ui-file is in unknown format.Ithink is not very hard to provide one firmware file or more to be writen on fastboot with corect comands or a firmware.