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the rutxr1 should work mainly as DHCP-Server for more than 30 Vlans (set as port-based)
All Vlans are tagged on LAN1.
The most vlans are working without a routing. Only a few should should use the gateway to wan.

Every Vlan has its Interface in the right subnet. Some Interface are working fine, some dosn't. A few are "stopped" a few Interfaces "Running" but don't give an DHCP-Response. I don't find any Problem in the configuration.

Which config is wrong, which config is right? I don't know.

Attached you can find the network, dhcp and firewall file.

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Could you please tell more about your topology and solution?

Also if possible, please provide a troubleshoot file in PM. You could find it in WebUI->System->Administration->Troubleshoot.

Best regards, Aliaksandr!
I solved it with the old Firmware (rutx_r_00.02.06.1. The newest dosn't work well.

Now the Router works fine and everything is ok.

But don't use the Firmware 00.07.xx