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by anonymous
I've update remotely 8x RUT240 units, from 1.13.x to 1.14.5 then to 007.01.2, this was done on default profile which is unsecured and made just for setting devices connected in the router network.

While upgrading all steps clearly states there will be no changes to configuration(I assume to all profiles) and for real it was!

In the meantime 2 units after upgrading to 007.01.2 were not accessible any more, no response to SMS, no dynamic DNS refresh, for they need to be power cycled.

On other 6 I've finished with all upgrades and made backups, everything was working fine. Then I have to switch to more secure profile(over SMS), normal scenario which I done dozen times! But then problems started!

Now, units have no Data connection, some of the units are not even available over SMS, like they all are stucked.

I've tried to activate mobile data, change apn with cellular command, but now all 8 units are not accessible over SMS, no dynamic DNS refresh(still no data connection) for whole day, I can't reboot them, router doesn't respond to SMS, complete mess!!!

I have check my profiles, because I have backups, and in ./etc/config/network on both profiles I can see that APN has fixed name, it is not AUTO.

Now my prays are concentrated to cron scheduled reboot once per 24h, and maybe they will be back tomorrow, or trip for over 2500km to power cycle units!

My question is, what could cause this issues, why SMS stops responding, are there some known issues while changing profiles or with this "serial" firmware upgrade?
by anonymous
Ok, first station, trying to recover, power cycle device, could not access with my admin password, default password, also doesn't work, no DHCP, no dynamic DNS.

I really don't know what happen to device.

Login screen is from fw ver 7.


I had to make it work, so did factory reset(after few attempts), now it gave me to update firmware,

it didn't want to work with version 7, so I upload 1.14.5.

Boot up successfully, I restore my old configuration from version 1.13.x and everything seems good!

Now I again start update to latest firmware, everything finishes ok, I can connect, my configuration is online!

I can change profiles and everything works as it should!

Conclusion, router was in complete mess!

I don't know why any of known passwords didn't work?


Second station, identical situation and solution.
by anonymous
One of recovered router stopped data link and after changing profile, rebooting it is stucked again like yesterday, and nobody even touch the unit!!!!

So, it doesn't accept any known password for admin, again!?!?!

Reset and upload of new firmware, only 1.14.5 is working, 7.01.2 gives wrong checksum!

Something is generally wrong with this new firmware update, I'm going back to 1.14.x.

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by anonymous

Thank you for contacting.

May i know if you have upgraded the latest firmware in bootloader menu ?

Its recommended to upgrade it in bootloader menu.

If it still behaves the same , please let me know.

by anonymous

Hi Ahmed,

thank you for response.

As I already said in my first comment and in this situation, broken ver 7.1.2 firmware (no known password work, unit is offline, no sms response, no data link, no dhcp, nothing), so there is no other way then put it in bootloader mode and update fw - and no I'm not able to update to version 7, even if I put it in bootloader mode after several reboots(I tried even that)!?!?! 

When I try to update from bootloader It gives checksum error, but with same file I'm able to update in web gui?!?!?

Fun fact is that login screen is from version 7 :) and you can't update(we could say refresh) version which is already on device :)

Now, when everything is fine and working on version 1.14.5 I'm not going back to version 7, version 7 and my RUT240 series(10 units I buy 1yr ago) doesn't work!

Also, regarding your statement: "Its recommended to upgrade it in bootloader menu." where does Teltonika state that we need to update in bootloader mode, ok, we can say this is common sense when upgrading major version? But in wiki there is clearly stated from which version to which you MUST upgrade so that, probably, configuration stays intact.

In WebGui, when you start firmware upgrade, it even says that configuration will stay same, update finish ok, device restarts and run ok, even first reboot goes ok, everything works fine, sms, profile changing, but after sometime router just stops to respond and goes in undefined state explained above! 

I'm thinking it has something with RMS, which btw I don't use, but it is in standby mode -I'm thinking to completely disable this.

Unfortunately I'm not able to play with device, it is production device, and I didn't buy device to be a beta tester!

Also, common sense would say that if the firmware is from 4th January 2022. somebody was playing with it around Christmas and New Year and it could be potentially risky to update to this version :) I'm joking, but in joke there is a half truth. 

Kind regards,


by anonymous

Thank you for your description , you are right it would not upgrade in bootloader menu , you upgraded it in a right way and its explained on the wiki also. Upgrading in a bootloader menu was my misunderstanding.

Further to diagnose the issue i need the Troubleshoot file for the device. You can download it in System>Administration>Troubleshoot.

If the device was rebooted logs must be lost because all the logs are saved in the RAM memory.

IF you are not using RMS , yes better put it on standby.

Thanks .
by anonymous

I will be today on third station fixing this issue.

When i connect my laptop i will got login screen, but what password i should use to enter and save logs?

My password and admin01 are not working.

I can only send logs of a fresh upgrade if this is ok for you?
by anonymous

If the issues comes again and then you download the TS file that is ok.

So, that i can see what happened and why the issue is coming.

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by anonymous

I had same problem after latest update.

RMS is not stable and some devices wont connect through wifi to rut240 . I was able to connect sometime to the device through rms and back up the config  and do a reset factory by sms and after that RMS was stable i did restore the backup and everything was fine except my VPN I reinstall the openvpn client and reboot the rut240 and OPENVPN get fixed finally I decided to enable Band4 and after that everything works except RMS and I don't want to waste my time on it anymore :(