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I have purchased a RUT955 and PR1KCO28 antenna. The antenna didn't come with an installation manual so I'm asking a few questions:

  1. Is the entire antenna IP67 rated, including the bottom where the antennas come out from the housing?
  2. The antenna has 3M tape on the bottom. Does it have to be installed on a flat surface with the screw mount attached through the roof via a hole?
  3. I prefer to mount the antenna on an external structure and route the antennas to the interior via a different channel. Is usage of the 3M seal needed?
  4. The antenna has a bolt, and tension washer and a flat washer. On which side of the roof should the flat washer be?
I hope you can answer these questions. I'd like the install the antenna correctly given it's properties. 

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Thank you for contacting us.
I will answer to your questions:
- The entire antenna is rated IP67;
- This antenna does not have 3M taping and it must be mounted using screw mount.
- In most cases, mounting this antenna additional sealing are unnecessary.
- Regarding question about installation, I advice to check datasheet.
Hope it helps.

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I have completed the installation successfully on the roof of a vehicle.

For your information, the antenna did have 3M taping on the bottom. The entire bottom of the antenna had a removable cover and beneath was a glue-based 3M adhesive tape. This fit flat against the roof and helped keep the antenna in place when tightening the big bolt.

The datasheet did not have installation instructions, I suggest creating those for future customers. However the antenna has been safely installed and works very well.