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by anonymous
Hi, I want to be able to use an ESIM for my RUTX11 as im travelling around europe and use the Router for everything.

Due to brexit the UK Mobile providers have made roaming very difficult so the next best thing seems to be ESIM like this

Any way I can intergrate this to my router?

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by anonymous


At this moment there is two types of eSIM: M2M and Consumer. The main difference, between these are how new operator profile is uploaded to them. The M2M type uses so called Push method where new operator profile upload process is initiated from server side. The Consumer type, uses Pull method, with QR codes.

For example, RUTX routers only supports M2M type eSIM's and it requires subscription manager, which will be responsible for profiles management.

Also, it depends on the type of eSIM card. If it is a soldered card, then it can be integrated only in our factory into RUT95X, RUTX, TRB devices. LTE modules support GSMA SGP.01, .02 standard for M2M eUICC cards. Please take in mind that you have to use 2FF form factor eUICC.


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