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I am planning to buy a RUTX09 or a RUTX11.
I have already a wifi iPad (no built in GPS).
Like to use my iPad for navigation with the support of the GPS feature in the router.
Normal navigation app's like google maps or similar is the target.

Will my iPad automatically be able to pick up the GPS position from the Router (WiFi / Bluetooth)?

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I haven't done this, but the router supports NMEA, so perhaps you can read the NEMA data on the iPad? There might be something in the AppStore?
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Regarding this question of yours, from what I understood you want to send the GPS coordinates of RUT955 to your Ipad correct?

Because we do, support 3rd party platforms for the GPS feature of our RUT devices. 

IoT Platforms - Teltonika Networks Wiki (teltonika-networks.com)

But for the 3rd party GPS software running on phones as long as it works with AVL or NMEA.