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by anonymous
Hello all,
I have a problem with configuring RUT240 to work with automation devices (such as siemens PLC and HMI) with the RMS cloud. When configuring routing in RMS, devices are not detected (sometimes they will appear). I have to use the TIA PORTAL software so access only via HTTP - port 80 is not enough for me. Using the CLI, I installed the LLDPD package and enabled DCP. The effect is that I still cannot see any devices in the network, but I can connect to the PLC. But why can't I see and connect to other devices? Eg Siemens HMI? Ping works ok, access to the web server also works, but no other device works. Do I need to forward any ports? Maybe you have any suggestions? Is it possible to create a virtual LAN that will work similar to eWON or Ubiquity devices? Thanks!

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by anonymous

Try using RMS VPN.
Which will give you direct connection to your PLC.
How to configure RMS VPN ?
A: watch video from this link

How to access the PLC as in the video cam is shown through port 80?
A: PLC can be reached from PC like camera in video, after that you can go to TIA and go online by selecting TAP as interface for this communication in your TIA.

Note: do not forget to use IP address of rut240 as routers IP in PLC configuration.

Now you know how to start. If it is not working give details what did not work on the same query.
by anonymous


I'm trying to achieve the same but it's not working.
I have a RUT360 with LAN IP, my PLC has LAN IP and default gateway set to the LAN IP from the RUT360.
I created a VPN Hub in RMS like in the video with the correct route and LAN forwarding on but when I connect with the OpenVPN Connect software I can't ping the PLC.
Also, I don't see the TAP-Windows Adapter V9 in my PLC software (while it is in the list from network adapters in Windows).
Please help me in setting up a succesfull VPN to my PLC.
Thanks in advance.