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by anonymous

I want to read a temperature sensor as a slave through modbus-rtu and store the values in the router in other registers.

for example the temperature sensor has 5 registers (11-15), I want to store these registers in the router under registers 40001-40005, and by requesting these new registers the data can be retrieved.

 in this case the router is operated as master and slave at the same time.

is this possible?


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by anonymous


RUT955 does have a feature which allows you to redirect data retrieved from RTU MODBUS through a TCP connection. It is called Modbus Gateway and you can find it in the web interface (Services > RS232/RS485 > Serial Type), choose Modbus Gateway and then configure Listening IP as the RUT955 LAN IP and the other options according to your settings. You can find more information about each option on the following wiki pages:

RUT955 RS232 - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( (for RS232)


RUT955 RS485 - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( (for RS485)

RUT955 RS232/RS485 (legacy WebUI) - Teltonika Networks Wiki ( (for Legacy WebUI)

by anonymous
I have a similar situation except instead of gatewaying modbus from a device

I am intending to process a pulse signal from a flowmeter, calculate the pulsewidths and period and totals

and then have those calculated values be accessible for pulling/pushing to a portal

I briefly saw a prototype of defining a modbus register block in the WebUI which reads from a

/tmp/file and then parses that data into registers...
I'm trying to track down the deets