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We are using the RUTx08 in a simple control application. The application would now also include transportation of the PROFINET protocol and it would be interesting to know if the RUTx08 (on the LAN ports) is suitable for this application.

Does RUTx08 support priority-tagged frames according to IEEE 802.1Q?

How many TC queues does it have on the LAN side?

Is it possible to filter packets based on VLAN tags and possibly tag untagged packets?

Is it possible to know if the switch is reliable in terms of latency and jitter?

Are there any reasons, that the switch would add unexpected delays to packets moving between LAN ports?

Thanks for any help.

I basically tried all of these.  Spent over 10 hr with AT&T tech assist and couldn't get it running with speakers.  I've back the unit because it does now not appear to work.

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Hello, this Martín, Tech Support Engineer for Teltonika Networks.
The Router RUTX08 does support up to 128 tagged or untagged VLAN's, but it does not support the PROFINET protocol, as this would require additional firmware development.

Best regards.

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Hi Martin,

thank you for your answer.

We are not looking for the switch to be a PROFINET device, just fulfil the requirements above for transferring PROFINET data.

For example, if the ports have 4 TC queues, prioritise according to 802.1Q tags, and the switch function is more-or-less hardware based without interference from the RUT-OS, this would probably be OK.

If the OS is doing a lot of the packet processing in software I would be be more cautious, because I know this is not the intended use for the product.