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by anonymous
Good day

I have a technical question regarding the RUT 950 (WLAN connection). I would like to place the RUT 950 in my house and set up a network in the room with one WLAN connection (antenna connection 1). With the second antenna (antenna connection 2) I would like to supply my front yard / garden with a WLAN signal. The antenna would be routed outside with a connection cable of approx. 5-10 metres through a wall. Does this work or do the two WLAN antennas have to be next to each other?

Thank you for your answer

Antenna connection 1 = directly on the router

Antenna connection 2 = approx. 5-10 metres away (through a wall, led outside)

1 Answer

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by anonymous


RUT95X WiFi antennas are 2x2 MIMO, meaning that they both send and receive data simultaneously, even if single WiFi mode (Station or Access Point) is active. Therefore we always recommend to have both WiFi antennas connected for best performance.


Meanwhile, when it comes to wired antennas (with longer cables), no issue should arise when using such antennas. If antennas are placed farther apart from each other, routers WiFi range would simply increase (since two antennas at different locations would extend router's WiFi coverage). However, this will reduce WiFi performance a little as one antenna will have to handle all the work when you are at home or outside.


by anonymous

Hi There,

I am just reading this post, because i have a problem with the wifi connection and can not find a solution anywhere.

I use a Poynting Mimo 3 V 15 on the top of my camper, with a 955. Set as a acces point.

At home i was trying to make connection to my Wifi at home, and put the Wifi home interface as main in a client mode. When i connect to the 955 and using the wifi from home i get a speed of less than 5mbits. 

When i leave the RUT out the network, and connect with the same device at the same location directly to my Wifi at home, i got 50mbits. I can not find what im doing wrong after 2 weeks ;/ i hope you have an answer.
regards leon