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by anonymous
Hi there,

I am considering buying the above unit and connecting this to my 12V system. As I understand it is a 4 pin Molex connection. I see that i can wire in a 12V +/- from my fuse box but i don't understand the wiring for the input/output. Where is this going to?

I imagine over a 5 metre run 2.5mm2 cable should be sufficient?

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to ask if the main goal is to provide power to a device?
If so, in this case you will need to connect only to upper pins (power and ground) to provide a power.
More information could be found in this link.
Hope it helps.

Best regards,


by anonymous

I have the same question. I'm using an RUTX11 with the latest firmware on a boat with 12V power and I don't want to use an inverter to power the router. Note that my 12V supply has maximum voltage under 14.0V and minimum voltage 11.5V.

If I understand your answer correctly it is only necessary to connect the power/red and ground/black wires to my boat's 12V supply and the input/green and output/white wires can be ignored. Is this correct? Unfortunately the link provided does not explain how to power the router directly from a 12V power supply.

BTW, what do the input/green and output/white wires do? [edit] I found this product So it looks like the input/green and output/white wires are for a normally closed control circuit. No connection between the two - the device has power. If the two are connected via a relay or switch - circuit becomes open and the device loses power. This implies that the two wires can be ignored if you just want the router to stay powered on when the power is on. 

Someone please confirm.

by anonymous
RUTX11 can be powered by voltages ranging from 9 to 50 VDC.

It is indeed only necessary to connect the power/red and ground/black wires to power the device.

The green and white wires are used, for example, for triggering certain events or controlling some external devices.

Best regards
by anonymous
I cut the cable between the RUTX11 4-pin power connection and the AC plug. I expected to see 4 wires, but there were only two: one grey and one red. I connected those grey/negative and red/positive and the router seems to work fine. Where are the green and white wires? Not that I really care anymore as the connection as I've described seems to be working well.