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Before purchasing a TRB140 available locally, a simple question to see if this unit will work for us:

A coder is working for us on Siemens PLCs (using TIA Portal).  The hardware is situated here and as we prototype we would like have him update the system remotely.  We have a more complex system in mind for cloud connectivity in the future, but are looking for an immediate solution so we can quickly develop the hardware.  

Can the TRB140 act as a VLAN on his network?  I have read the links here and it seems a little uncertain.  Is this easy to implement?  Secure? It is attractive to run this system via a pre-pay SIM card and have it operating separately to our LAN.

TRB140 < > SCALENCE XB008 < > S71200 + expansion IO   

If not, is there another simple solution?



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TRB140 is a gateway series of our products. Meaning that it has limited feature (no VLAN) and can only work as gateway for a single device.

If you'd like device with VLAN options, I recommend our RUT product line which has more features including VLAN.