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Hello, I am trying to configure the MQTT Bridge communication with a Siemens 1200 PLC and I need to know how to modify the mosquitto.conf file through the CLI, because doing it from the Teltonika web interface MQTT has no effect on the mosquitto.conf. I have been able to read the file but not modify it.

Any response as soon as possible would be appreciated. Thanks.

2 Answers

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In case, you have a RUT955, you might consider running official openwrt on it. Then to have full flexibility, to configure mosquitto.
hello, thanks, I was able to edit the mosquitto file using the vi command in mosquitto.conf, it was a simpler way to do it.
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Regarding editing mosquitto.config, we can use the below command in ssh

"vi /etc/config/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf"

Make the necessary changes and then follow with the below command

:q! - If you want to quit without saving

:wq - To save and quit.

But please go through the instructions given in ssh by typing the command

"cat /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf"