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We've defined two IPsec-tunnels to remote networks (/24). It seems that If one of the connections can't be established (for example due to authentication failure), the other one will not come up, too. So it's all (VPN) or nothing after starting the device.

If both tunnels are established, the failure of one tunnel will NOT break the other one, so this is correct behaviour.

Seems to be a bug? Or how can we prevent this?

Beside of this it's a great device :-)

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I'll be sure to do some tests on this to see if it's a bug or not.

Meanwhile, can you give me a bit more information? Specifically:

  • Are all three routers RUT240?
  • Do all three routers have Public IPs or just one?
  • What firmware versions do the routers use? Perhaps an upgrade is in order (firmwares for for RUT230/240 are available here: https://wiki.teltonika.lt/index.php?title=RUT2xx_Firmware)
  • Any other details about the configuration that you may think of that might be important
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Any updates? I wasn't able to reproduce the bug using the latest firmware. Perhaps it may help you as well. You can download it from here.