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by anonymous

How can I get the current data from a RUTX09 using the GET /devices/{id} request in the RMS API. I changed the dynamic_monitoring to (60 seconds), but the rsrp and rsrq do not change. I would also want to know if there is a timestamp to check at what time the response is sent.

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by anonymous


You should be receiving the RSRP and RSRQ values using the GET /devices/ or GET /devices/{id} endpoints. Also, the values fall under dynamic information so it should get updated. So it might be possible that your device signal strength values simply do not change in that time. Are you still having this issue and the signal strength values have not updated?

The API call response date and time can be found in the Headers of the response, more specifically - the Date value.
The time when the last information update in RMS for the device happened can be gathered in the same API call (the last_updated_at value, in UTC time).