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A few days ago I purchased a TRB141 unit (original fw was 2.xx, I upgraded to 07.01.4, with keep settings off)

All infos are within the two attached files

My problem is the following:

1st issue:

  • At a reboot/restart/power ON, both relay/latching relay do a "selftest" and switch one time. Is it possible to turn off this function?
  • It is quite annoying, if a connected device do a PowerOn/PowerOff at a reboot.
2nd issue:
Normally, when the TRB141 powered off, there is a discontinuity between the Output pin 4-5 (Common - Normally Opened)
  • It is OK, as per manual
When device started up, the relay close, and there is a Closed state between Pin 4-5
At Services -> Input/Output -> Status, the Green Relay (Pin 4-5) shows OPEN instead CLOSED.
It is possibble to switch between OPEN/CLOSE manually
It is not OK, or revise user manual. But in this case, the relays drains more from powersupply, because an all time powered status...
Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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I see that this case is being solved in our internal support system. The communication will be continued there.

It is good to hear it that this problem solved :)

Unfortunately a month now, I did'nt received ANY positive advice, except to send back the unit to the distributor...