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by anonymous

Dear support, kindly assist with the following:
My device rutx11. I am trying to extend another wifi,
Using scan-join network etc.
All is going well, but this another wifi should redirect to the login page and it trying,but login page return error see attached.
At same time, my another tp link router doing this without any problems see attached. Please advice...

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hello, this is Martín, Tech Support Engineer for Teltonika Networks.

If I understand correctly, what you are trying to do here is to use a RUTX11 to connect to a Wi-Fi network, and then providing Wi-Fi access trough a hotspot, as if it was a Wi-Fi repeater, right?

Also, I could not find any attachments to your question, so we are going to need more information in order to solve the issue you are experiencing.

Best regards.
by anonymous
Dear Martin, thanks for your reply, please re-check my question, I add 3 screenshots. Regarding your question, yes I would like to provide Wi-Fi access trough a hotspot, as if it was a Wi-Fi repeater.  maybe  avaliable other way to contact with you?messenger or other?
by anonymous

Hello, I received and checked the screenshots you provided me.

I replicated your setup with a RUTX11 and found no problems when testing with a client using Windows 10. Can you please share your configuration, or a backup file from your device in order to further help you?

The only way to contact me is here trough the forum.

Best regards.

by anonymous
Configuration is standart, i Didn't change anything, it is working, but as i told i can't  access to welcome  page of extended wifi, i can provide you full access to my comp, there is only win10 installed and nothing more, clean windows,just installed, let me know what software i need to install  for this
by anonymous

I kindly reiterate I will need more information in order to help you. Could you please share your backup file? Instructions to do so are here under backup configuration.

Also, it would be very helpful if you provide a diagram of the connection you want to achieve, which includes which devices are involved, as well as the IP addresses of said devices and networks.

A remote session is possible, but I am going to need this additional information in order to proceed.

If you need this fixed sooner, you can contact the sales manager who sold you this device and we can proceed trough our internal helpdesk system.

Best regards.