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by anonymous

I bought a RUT950 with SISO external antenna (Poynting OMNI-292) - using the external antenna in the main port with the little plastic antenna it came with left in the aux Mobile and 2 Wifi ports. I'm in the UK and installed this on my boat, we live in a marina less than 1 mile from the nearest cell towers. 

We've been getting speeds of around 5Mbps which is consistent with the speeds I get on my mobile. I have tried different network carriers (Three, O2 and Vodafone) and seem to get the same regardless. I put it down to interference in the area, as we get really poor <2 dB SINR. It's the same when putting the SIM in a mobile, we maybe lose 1Mbps speed vs having it in the RUT-950.

However the other day I picked up an EE SIM and plugged it in my phone to activate - I did a speed test and got about 45Mbps which was (relatively) amazing. The status bar indicated I was on 4G+ (LTE-A). When I put it in the RUT-950 the speeds once again dropped to around 5Mbps with the same SINR issues. I'm wondering whether this drop in speed is just because the RUT-950 can't utilise 4G+, or if the SINR issue might be to do with how we have things configured instead of coming from the environment?

Any tips would be appreciated, thanks

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by anonymous


Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately RUT950 supports only 4G (LTE), 3G, 2G and it doesn't support 4G+ (LTE-A).

For more information about  LTE Speed Discrepancies I will provide you a link to Teltonika wiki page:

You can also check our RUTX series devices or RUT360/TCR100, which support Cat6 (LTE-A) cellular connectivity.

You could also try to change your router frequency band, see if it helps with your network speed.

Here is a tutorial video on how to do it: How to Lock LTE Bands and Why | Teltonika Networks.

Let me now if this helps or if you need further help from me.

Kind regards,