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RUT955 modem with firmware does not respond to iostatus.

After further tweaking and searching it seems the query for the analog input %g1 is not working.

When this entry is removed (removed %g1) from the text. The message is sent.

Is there any there any way to receive the analog input value in text message?

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From what I understand you need to know the status of one of the inputs, right? You can do this in two ways. Using the mobile utilities, or with the I/O Juggler configuration.

For the first option, if the device has a SIM card that supports SMS, you can receive I/O status with a text message. Simply enter your device's admin password followed by the text Iostatus and separated by a space. For example: admin Password123 Iostatus. Normally this is enabled by default. Here is a link for more information on this feature.

For the second option, you must enter through the Services→Input/Output→I/O Juggler option. Here you must activate this service, and create an action to send a message to your phone if any I/O change occurs. You can configure in the general tab, if you want for input 1 to send a message for change in rising/falling or both. Here is also a link to more information about this function.

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I don't think you understood my issue.

I do understand how to get the value as you described above. Getting the value in former firmware versions is no problem and working fine.

when asking for the status over SMS (command: '[adminpassword] status') i get an answer no problem. Same for the other default commands.

Only for the command '[adminpassword] iostatus' i don't get any reply. when checking the logs of the RUT955 device. I can clearly see it received my text, started the iostatus action, but no SMS was sent.

The iostatus sms that normally should be sent is composed as follows:

DIN - %g3, Isolated DIN - %g6, 4Pin DIN - %g2, Analog input - %g1V, DOUT OC - %g5, Relay DOUT - %g7, 4Pin DOUT - %g4

in the composition as shown above, the SMS message is NOT sent.

When we remove the variable %g1 (the analog input value) the message is sent as it should.

I assume there is an issue with the handeling of the variable %g1. In order to confirm i created a custom message with only the variable %g1. Again, the message can't be sent. With any other variable there is no problem.

Indeed there is an issue with the sending of this parameter by SMS. Our R&D team is aware of this small issue and will fix it for the next firmware version to be developed.

Great. I'll be looking forward to the new release.