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by anonymous
Hi all,

My RUTX11 running at remote location with backup DC battery.  I'm losing LTE connection from main sim card every time when there is power outage in the area(Possibly main service provider BTS battery backup not working).

After few unsuccessful attempts to resolve this with crappy service provider (Dialog Axiata Sri lanka) I decided to add second sim card and use it as a backup sim.

But the RUTX11 SIM Switch settings page confusing. I tried set options "On data connection fail" and  Method "ICMP echo" and configure local network device which power down when the power outage.(router cannot ping this device when no power)

Then I turned on the option "Switch back to default SIM card after timeout" and set timeout to 3 mins. but when power outage this configuration  not doing anything. it's not switching the sim cards as expected and I cannot find any logs related to this.

How can I do this ? do I need to enable sim switch in sim1 as well ? or both ?.
by anonymous
Hi anyone able to help me with this ?

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by anonymous


Thank you for provided information and the screenshot. From it, I can see that you have configured SIM switching for SIM card 2, but from your description you want the router to switch from SIM1 to SIM2 when there is a power outage. If this is the case, then you need to configure SIM switching rule for SIM1. And for SIM2 I recommend leaving only Switch back to default SIM card after timeout, with this setting router will check if the main SIM card is active or not. If active - will switch in using it.

Best regards,