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by anonymous
I am about to get a rut360, one of the basic system requirements is that it will work both as a client and an access point.

It will be a mobile system so will need to routinely connect to wifi access points- supermarkets etc, but also act as a secure wifi access point both for when it’s connected to a remote access point as a client and also when it is on 4g.

I was under the impression it could do this but when I read the manual it appears to say either or.

Can anyone confirm or deny its ability in this regard and how to set it up as it’s not clear in the manual- or I am reading it wrong.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thank you for provided information. Yes, all Teltonika Networks devices who support Wi-Fi technology can at the same time connect to Wi-Fi AP and broadcast Wi-Fi AP to the customers.

Best regards,
by anonymous

Just reading this post.

I have a question about the both side of broadcasting and connection. Is there a different setting?

I have trouble with the speed, when connected to Wifi, set the router as acces point, and the WIFI connection as a client.

When i connect my laptop or Phone, i get a speed not more than 5mbit ( or less )

When i stay at the same location with same devices, and connect directly to the same wifi connection ( so i left the RUT955 out ) i got a speed of 50mbits. I tried everything. Do i need to set up the Wifi different, of set the RUT955 in a other mode? Hope you can Help me. I also dit the tutorial Wifi as Wan setup. Hope to hear from you