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by anonymous

Hi, I want to connect a temperature sensor to monitor the battery temperatures in my campervan to avoid overheating while travelling in hot countries (during summer months) I have a RUT955 with active sim installed in the van, and want to make use of it's digital i/o function to be able to remotely monitor the temperature on my phone via SMS. FYI I already have configured it so monitor the battery voltage via the analogue connections and share this via SMS

I have scoured the web, and this wiki, for help and advice on how to do this but I have not been successful. I need someone to please help me with;

  • what sort of temp sensor do I need to buy
  • how to wire to RUT955 i/o pins
  • how to config the RUT955 to share this information with me via SMS
If you can help me I'd be very appreciative.
Many thanks in advance !

1 Answer

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by anonymous

For this inquiry of yours, actually, regarding the usage of sensors with our device, there are a lot of analog temperature sensors in the market but it will not show you the temperature value directly. You will be getting voltage levels and you need to convert these voltages to temperature depending on the sensor you are using. But it seems you are already using the analog input of RUT955 to monitor the battery voltage value of your Camper Van. In this case, it leaves you using a temperature sensor that is working on TCP/IP let's say this sensor because the Digital input will only read logic high or logic low.

But we cannot suggest any exact temperature sensor for this use case scenario you are having. So, I hope this gives you an idea.