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It is possible to set option 119 to a list of domains via the GUI and the list dhcp_option field of /etc/config/dhcp has the correct value after Save&Apply however reloading fails, only the first domain is recovered . A second Save&Apply and the subsequent domains are lost.

119 -> domain1,domain2,etc Save&Apply the GUI refreshes -> only domain1 reappears.

The DHCP-Options field can only be set to numerical values, it would be "nice to have" symbolic values also as in dnsmasq --help dhcp. dnsmasq can handle option:xxx natively no need to translate anything here.


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Hi flebourse!
The scenario has been replicated and there is indeed a bug on the WebUI when entering multiple options separated by commas.
We have reported this to the WEbUI development team.
Thanks for your feedback and for highlighting this matter.


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I strongly recommend you do a factory reset to your device. I tested on FW 7.01.2 and 7.01.4, in both it is possible to use option 119. The second DHCP option is not erased, and it is possible to add the address as an DNS domain.

Let us know if the issue persists.

What did you test exactly ? That you can enter multiple 119 options or a single 119 containing several domains separated by commas ?

BTW the device has been reset during the 07.01.4 upgrade.
I tested that I could enter multiple 119 options on WebUI.

Multiple options 119 don't make sense, and are not the point.

The initial question was: 119 -> domain1,domain2,etc Save&Apply the GUI refreshes -> only domain1 reappears.

And next time you save the domains except the first one are lost after that the dhcp clients receive an incomplete search domain list.