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The ethernet port is dead.. In the default configuration (after factory reset) there is no connection possible. The LEDs are OFF all the time. And "ip a s eth0" gives "Device "eth0" does not exist.".

What can I do?

Thx in advance

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Thank you for your question.

Have you tried to connect your LAN cable to other end device? If so did the end device had connection?

Have you tried using different cable? What were the results?

Do you get internet from TRB140 USB port?

This problem could've caused bad cable or end device not visible for some other reason (such as damaged network card).

You can also try to factory reset the device again, maybe factory reset was not fully completed.

Let me know if this helped you.

Kind regards,

Hi Edvinas,

Thanks for the reply.

I tried with different end devices and different cables without success. The LEDs of the Ethernet port remain OFF.

The USB connection is working fine. I can access the web interface that way.

I don't know if this is related to the Ethernet issue, but when triggering a factory reset (e.g. via button press or webui) the device doesn't boot back up and the signal strength LEDs are flashing forever.


Try all available options (which you haven't tried already) to reset trb to factory reset, which are:

1. Upgrade trb's firmare version to the lastest without keeping the settings https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB140_Firmware_Downloads

2. Connect trb via CLI and run 'firstboot' command to initiate reset.

3. Reset router via SMS message using 'restore' command https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/TRB140_Mobile_Utilities#SMS_Utilities

If none of above option will work, that would indicate HW issues with etherner port.

In such cases, device should be send to repair.

Kind regards,