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by anonymous
I'm drawing a topology for a challenging environment where the rutx09 will provide a backup internet 4G connection to the branch office.

The rutx09 is connected to the internet via 4G (single SIM card) and with ethernet to a local switch. Via the USB/Serial connection I can get access from the rutx09 to the local firewall for backup purposes. I'm building an IPSEC VPN tunnel from the rutx09 towards the central management firewall. The 4G internet connection delivers a 10.x.x.x address from the ISP which uses CGNAT to translate all traffic to a public internet ip address. So inbound access to the rutx09 is only possible over the VPN, not directly to the rutx09 outside interface. I can build it by using the eth0 local internal ip addres for rutx09 management purposes, but when the physical port/switch goes down, so is my management. Now I'm trying to build an additional loopback interface with a /32 local ip on it, so I can use that to reach the rutx09 regardless of the physical ethernet connection. Is that possible? When I try to create an additional loopback interface, it remains in the "stopped" state.

This is the relevant config from /etc/config/network

config interface 'mgmt'
        option ifname 'mgmt0'
        option proto 'static'
        option ipaddr ''
        option netmask ''

When I run "ifup mgmt" nothing happens. Interface does not show in the ifconfig output.

Maybe I'm looking at it from a wrong angle, but how can I achieve an always up interface in the rutx09 to use for management purposes over VPN?

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by anonymous


I'd suggest creating/adding an IP address under already running loopback interface using alias. This way, whenever the loopback interface is up (which is always, generally speaking) the alias IP address will also work/respond.

To do that, login to the CLI and run the following commands in order:

uci set network.mgmt=interface
uci set network.mgmt.ifname='@loopback'
uci set network.mgmt.proto='static'
uci set network.mgmt.ipaddr=''
uci set network.mgmt.netmask=''
uci commit && reload_config

To list IP addresses associated with devices, you can run ifconfig, but that command will show only first IP address per device. However it will show alias device if you provided name (label) for it. The error proof method to list all IP addresses is:

ip addr

Let me know if this works for you.

Best regards,


Best answer
by anonymous
Thanks Tomas, it worked!