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by anonymous

I have some data which is transmitted to TRB 245 via RS 485. I want to upload these data to cloud. But I do not know how to do it.

1. From the web UI, I have seen the MODBUS serial master and gateway. Which one should I use to transmit the sampled data?

2. What does the coil mean in the "function part of a instance"?

3. Which one hold the data from RS 485 D+ and D-?

Kind regards


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by anonymous



The MODBUS serial Master function is only used to request data from configured slave devices. To send the data to an external server you have to use the Data to Server feature. You can find this feature on the Services tab it should be 3 options below the MODBUS option. There is where you can add a data sender and you can configure the data that is going to send to the server of your choice.


If you want to read more about this feature please follow this Teltonika Networks Wiki link:


There is no specific registry to configure to only see the info of pins D+ and D-, using MODBUS protocol you will receive all the info that the MODBUS master is receiving, you can call specific information configuring the function on the slave devices.


You can read more about this at this link:


Also if you want to verify the RS 485 physical connection you can check the different pin outputs at this link: