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by anonymous
I use a RUTXR1 with the Firmware RUTX_R_00.02.06.1.

The Router is a DHCP Server for over 30 VLans. Everything works fine. But some of the DHCP Clients have more NICs in different Vlans. In a few Vlans it is not necessary to route. So it would be very helpfull if the DHCP Server don't give the Gateway address to the NICs in this Vlan. If the clients don't get a Gateway address the default routing will not change. So it would be easy to manage all the clients. Is there a possibility to stop serving the Gateway-Address?

2 Answers

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by anonymous

I am afraid this is not possible. The DHCP server daemon that we use does not allow customization to this extend.
by anonymous
what a shame. This feature would be very nice.
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by anonymous


It should be possible to do just that using tags albeit not via the GUI instead via uci or direct edit of /etc/config/dhcp.

Google dnsmasq.conf for a general description, and use  for the precise syntax.

I'll look at it later.


by anonymous
i will try it in the next days.

thank you.