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by anonymous

i am trying to setup up 2 email notifications the rut955 is on a wire connection by default. 

  1. send a notification when the device fails over to the sim card. 
  2. send a notification when the device is back on the wired connection, 

both configurations send a test and work fine in that scenario. 

in production, the first email is never sent when the rut955 fails over. 

when the hard wired connection is restored it will send the 2nd email notifying the wired connection has been restored. 

i have tried failing the hard wire by disconnecting the cable from the RUT955 and disconnecting the routers cable to the internet. 

the notification screen shots attached.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
What do you have in the system logs ? because more details may be given there.
by anonymous

no useable info  Email sending to " " failed

by anonymous


Thank you for contacting .

I have tested the above and setup configurations 

1)Wired WAN as primary 

2)Mobile1 as backup (failover)

Created a event reporting rule for both switched to back and back to primary and it worked fine for me in both the cases.

Failover must be enabled in the device. 

I configured Failover as :

Events reporting as:

Please find the logs for email sent for both here:

I am using Firmware 7.01.4 

I hope it helps.




by anonymous
I seems to have everything te same as your test, the 1 exception is the notification. I was sending 2, one for the failover to cellular data and a 2nd to let them know it was back to the main. I tried it with 1 notification set to all and i do not recieve a notification of it switching to cellular. The log shows email sending to user "" failed.

Testing the notification works correctly, So it can send.

Is there a log with more info?

I also tried to use SMS. those never send and I can't generate a successful test either. I may go to Verizon and have them test the sim in a phone to verify it is capable.

As I am replying, I am wondering if Verizon is blocking the ability to send emails. I am using port 587, I will see what other options I have and test those on the cell connection. My thought is when I tested sending email I was on a wired connection. If that's the case. My other guess is the service does not have sms
by anonymous
no ports are blocked, i can telnet and connect to my email server using 587 while connected to the rut955 and only using the mobile data BUT email tests do not successfully complete while on mobile data
by anonymous
I went to Verizon and verified the sim card / account was capable of texting and email in a Verizon phone. The rep mentioned that sometimes with non verizon phones, they will activate on the network but won't have all features. Could that be the case with the rut955?

When I first got the rut955 the sim showed active but did not provide data until I selected Verizon Internet or vzinternet. Should I use another APN to get all features?
by anonymous

You can see the logs in CLI:

username :root

You can execute command : logread to see old logs in detail.

Regarding the texting you can ask your ISP , what APN you need to use . Rut950 won't block any messages . Try to clear sms history in router memory also in Mobile Utilities>Messages.

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by anonymous
Can anyone verify they have successfully sent sms and email on a Verizon sim in the us?