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by anonymous
Hello all,
 This might have nothing to do with Teltonika but as it is my first device (RUT360 7.01.4) from them, I only have one SIM to experiment with and very limited experience of wireless networking I thought I'd ask here first. I hope that is OK.

What I'm trying to do is setup port forwarding for SSH and I can not get it to work. As far as I know all you should have to do is add a PF which allows a source and port on the wan side to speak to a host and port on the LAN side.

It took me a while to find but I discovered that the IP-address for MOB1S1A1 on the status overview if different from the IP-address shown if I for example visit RIPE. I can not connect to either address.

I suspect that this is my ISP doing something "funny", am I right? The IP-address show on the router should match any "whats my IP" page?

Take care!

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by anonymous


Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to inform you that port forward is possible using public IP addresses.
If the address which you receive in device WebUI is different from given in, this means, that you have private IP.
Using a private IP port forward will not work.
More information could be found at this link.

Best regards,

Sigitas K.