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I am currently trying to setup a RUT240 so that when it sees a rising edge on its digital input it will run a script that turns on LTE/WAN connection and turn them off on the falling edge. I can see that there is a way to do this using UCI but I am not entirely sure how to do this using a script and it would be immensely appreciated if someone could guide me in the right direction.

Many thanks in advance.

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Using IO juggler you can create an action that activates a profile. If you have a profile with each configuration, using the digital input you could activate a different profile with the rising or falling edge.

I hope that it helps.
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Hello. As @teltofan commented in the previous answer. the IO Juggler in the newer firmware version is the easiest way to go.

That is located at Services > Input/Output > I/O Juggler menu.

There you should add, a New instance under the GENERAL Tab, and that should trigger a profile.

Then go to SYSTEM > ADMINISTRATION > Profiles, and create 2 profiles from current configuration.

One with the Mobile enabled, and a second one with the mobile disabled. And then trigger those profiles from the ACTION tab under I/O Juggler Menu.