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Hello everybody

 I have a Teltonika RUT950 inside a metal booth and I would like to bring the antennas outside to improve cell phone reception.

On the device there are 4 antennas, if I understand correctly the 2 external ones are for the 4g mobile and the 2 internal antennas are for the wifi.

The questions therefore are:

1-which antenna should I buy that is compatible with outdoor use? (exposed to bad weather).

 2-is it enough to replace only one of the two antennas or where to replace all 2? If there are other suggestions they are welcome

Thanks for your help

1 Answer

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Thank you for contacting us.
RUT950 have 1 main mobile antenna, 1 AUX mobile antenna and 2 WiFi antennas:

In case your main goal is only to improve mobile reception, will be enough to use an external antenna only for mobile.|
For this use case will fit our COMBO MIMO Mobile ROOF SMA Antenna or similar.
Your router will have a mobile connection using only the main mobile antenna, but in order to have better signal strength and quality, I recommend connecting both main and AUX antennas.

Best regards,

Sigitas K.

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