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by anonymous
Hello all,

I am experiencing with an issue using the RUT240 only with 4G SIM Card.

The router is connected from the LAN port to a PC. On the PC i have a video managment software for CCTV.

The NIC of the PC has an static IP address (ex. On the router i have forward 3 specific ports that the software uses to work properly.

Despite the fact the system starts to work and communicate after a while i have disconnections and no image from the cameras.( 3 cameras ). Also, the upload doesn't reach the proper values in order to play normally.

Do you have any idea why this is happening or a configuration that i missed ?

The SIM card is from a provider that has a custom APN for my client. They didn't find any issue from their side. I tried with second new SIM also, didn't work.

All the above are installed into a Van which has already installed an Antenna. (on the past the same project was working with a 3G SIM embedded into the PC).

Thanks in advance

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Kindly confirm which one is your problem.

The 4G connection that's disconnected or only the problem with CCTV video feed?

And please help to share troubleshoot file from your router, it can be generated in webUI, on System>Administration menu