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I'm deploying 1000+ IoT device with a Teltonika TBR140 / LTE connected.

In order to automate the fitout process I have the following thoughts:
1) Scan SIM and extract ICCID
2) Insert SIM in Teltonika TBR140
3) Activate SIM Subscription with Provider via API
4) Boot Teltonika TBR140 (which should now be online connected to the Internet)

5) In order register device in RMS I will need the Serial Number and IMEI (assume that my Hardware supplier added velcro strip on the back of the Router, therefore this can not be read/removed anymore).
One option is to send a SMS, {router pw} status_monitoring - this give you the Serial Number & IMEI.
Are there any other options to retrieve this information without having to connect the LTE Router to LAN port?

1 Answer

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Nothing that comes to my mind, this device only have 3 network interfaces.

1. LTE
2. LAN Port
3. USB Port (Virtual LAN port).

Another option is to request the Factory File of those 1000+ devices, Such file is a file that sales managers tend to send to our clients once the shipping order is placed. Such file can be loaded in RMS and this will add all the devices contained in the that file.

In this case you will need to talk to your provider to retrieve the factory file of those specific devices. Just keep in mind that all sides involved need to be 100% sure that this Factory file contains the data corresponding only to those 1000+ devices provided to you, otherwise you will end with more devices than the ones you actually have.