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hello I need to do site on site between fortinet and rut950 if you have any idea or connect it as a vpn ssl client

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As far as I am aware Fortinet's SSL VPN client (FortiClient) is proprietary and cannot be implemented on Teltonika devices. Another VPN protocol should be used instead of SSL VPN to create a site-to-site tunnel between Fortinet and RUT950. IPsec could be an option and can be configured on both ends. We have some additional sources regarding how to configure IPsec tunnel between two devices:

https://community.teltonika-networks.com/?qa=blob&qa_blobid=16198895679728135919 - RUT9xx IPsec with Fortigate

https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/IPsec_configuration_examples - generic IPsec configuration example

Please note that these articles may show slightly different information visually if you are using latest RUTOS firmware (7.0 or newer).

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