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by anonymous

I have a setup with two Mobile RUT240 routers in my Network (topology in attachment).

Router1 is the main router and also set as standard gateway for all the devices in the network. This router is routing the whole traffic between the Internet and my internal Network.

I have the requirement, that Messages, which should be sent to a specific IP Adress should be routed via Router2 to the Internet.
So i have set a static route in router1 that it will forward all packets sent to 172.30.xx.xx to router2. A screenshot of the static route is in the attachments.

I think that router1 is routing the packages to router2 but router2 is not routing the packages to the Internet and vice versa.

Thank you for your help.

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Under IPV4-Gateway field of the static route, you should enter the LAN IP address of Router2.

Also, could you share a trace route result to any IP target on OCPP Backend from Application PC and the routing table from Route1(CLI command “route -n”)?

Note: As an alternative, this static route can be created on the Application PC instead of doing it on Router1 for straightway path.

Best answer
by anonymous

thank you for your help.

It is not possible to set the static route in the application-PC because I have no access to It's operating System. Therefore I need to configure it with Router1.

In the meantime, I solved the Problem. I think, I did already set up everything correctly at Router1 because since I made a factory Reset of Router2, everything works fine and Packages will be delivered correctly.

Now also the traceroute shows the correct Path from PC over Router1 to Router2 and to the Internet.