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by anonymous
Is it possible to restore a backup from an RUT955 to another RUT955? Background is that i sold my old one togehter with my old camper and now i want to restore the backup in a new RUT955 in my new camper. I recieved an error that my Backup is not compatible with my Router. Is there a way to load it on the new RUT955?

Best wishes, Philipp

1 Answer

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by anonymous
You must have a device that will contain the same hardware as the old device, because the new RUT955s have different modems.
Best answer
by anonymous
Thats not a solution, I keep backups from routers in the field,

When the router brakes down, i swap the old rut955 to a newer rut955,

To be honest i dont wanna figure out again what settings i had on the older router.

I want to restore a backup.  For what you can backup but you cant restore.